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We only use natural raw materials for our products We select packaging materials according low weight & volume During the last 10 years we have “recycled” more than 140 tons of packaging Every year we recycle more than 500,000 packages of our products Last year, in an attempt to avoid wastage of packaging materials, we managed to reduce by 6% the total volume of materials used Respecting our principles, we use only recyclable packaging materials for all our products (plastic, paper, cardboard, glass & aluminum) Our company is member of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation “green dot” that supports the “C.A.M.S.-Recycling Collective Alternative Management System. We constantly monitor all the developments in in materials and the implementation of “green technologies”. We have established and applied an Internal Recycling System and a waste reduction program through the maximization and constant reorganization of the production process. Supporting environment, we do not make tests on animals. Our company’s contemporary production line in the industrial area of Tripolis, is built with ecological mandates, respective to the use of water and energy.

There is planning for the collection of rainwater for the basic needs of the plant, as well as the installation of photovoltaic panels of energy savings.

It’s not just our origin. It ‘s about our pride for our History, the philosophy of our ancient ancestors, our grandfather’s passion and the authenticity of the new generation. We love and support our country, being active both in the local tourist market and in the niche market. We are supplied raw materials by Greek producers. We export our products to more than 15 countries, promoting Greek ideals and values. Every day, we try to positively influence our future!

It is a simple but multifaceted word. Those who understand it, know well that starts with the concept of a product and follows it throughout its whole life. We, at Flax, are committed to producing competitive high quality products to meet our consumer expectations. In order to meet the ever higher quality requirements, we have adapted our work to a well-established and widely accepted quality management framework (ISO 9001: 2015).


The establishment of Flax was an initiative of Vasilis Vavvas and his associates in order to hold business in the field of personal care, aiming to meet the everyday needs of consumers. After the launch of the first collection of Loofah vegetable sponges, Flax has to present now several collections of personal care products with many valuable collaborations with major companies in Greece and abroad.

Our vision is:
– Meeting the needs of modern consumers
– Creating high quality, honest, smart products using excellent raw materials through environment-friendly production processes
– Offering to our local community as much as we can and as far as the circumstances allow for it.

Anyway, we believe that even a small offer can make a big difference when offered with love and selflessness.




100% natural Loofah sponges, natural sea sponges & high-quality synthetic sponges, designed to meet the needs of everyday life of the modern consumer. Ideal for daily use, for the whole body.

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Natural Olive Oil based cosmetics, suitable for skin cleansing, hydration, toning and firming. Rich formulas, ideal for the demanding daily life of the modern consumer.

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A line of daily bath foams that provide a light & refreshing care through a special relaxation experience. Skin moisturization, elasticity maintenance & stimulation.

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Natural cosmetics with 100% BIO Olive Oil of Koroneiki variety, from Koroni, with more than 30 aromatic plants, fruits, herbs and essential oils. Active formulas, rich in oligopeptides and polyphenols that help hydrate, nourish & pamper the skin, through a daily regeneration ritual.

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Natural cosmetics with 100% Organic Aloe Vera & 100% BIO Olive Oil. Hydration, Protection, Nutrition & Restructure. Mild formulas. Ideal for everyday use.

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Since we are aware of the environment and its protection and we love our country, we consciously support the nonprofit company All for Blue, founded in 2017, whose mission is to protect the seas and sharks. The aquatic element is a source of life on our blue planet – yet it is increasingly threatened by the Man, facing the seas and the oceans with disrespect and contempt. With coastal and underwater cleaning, it aspires to restore the purity of water – not only in Greece, but also in other countries in the oceans of the earth. With the training seminars it aims to inform future generations about the immense significance of sharks in a marine ecosystem that is in danger, thus preparing tomorrow’s citizens for a great challenge: Maintaining the greatest source of life on the planet.

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