All customers are obliged to unpack and check the products and to notify the COMPANY in case of aesthetic defaults within 10 days. After this 10-day period, the products are deemed to be received in excellent condition.

• Product Return at the COMPANY’s expense Product return at the COMPANY’s expense takes place in case of mistaken execution of an order, i.e. in case of delivery of different product than the one ordered, at the time of delivery packaging was fully or partially (mostly) destroyed, or in case the product is defective. In any of the above cases, the client has to either refrain from accepting the product in the first place or ask for its return (after having communicated with the COMPANY). The products must be return at the same condition they were received by the customer. In case of non-return of the product/s at the time agreed after communicating with the COMPANY, the e-shop has the right not to accept the product and therefore, to deny substitution. Return of the product/s must always be accompanied by all documents coming with the product (ex. Invoice, receipt, and full packaging. Return of product/s at the COMPANY’s expense will be carried out by means of transport and personnel of FLAX COMPANY or courier service. In case of product return, provided they are received and checked by the COMPANY, return of payment will be conducted by cancellation of the credit card charge by the COMPANY. In case of product return paid upon delivery, return of the money will be conducted by depositing the amount at a bank account stated by the client. In case the product/s are returned damaged or short, the e-shop has the right of reimbursement the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products. The e-shop has the right to work out its claim against the customer’s claim unilaterally.